The Tester's Story: Painting the Picture of Risk


While a tester’s ultimate goal is to help eliminate risk by identifying bugs, many fail to acknowledge one of the most critical aspects of ensuring bug free, high-quality software⏤the way in which risk is portrayed and communicated to developers. Poor reports often lead to disastrous scenarios, such as loss of revenue and trust between testers, developers, and even stakeholders.

Join Zenergy’s agile expert for a free webinar, The Tester’s Story Painting the Picture of Risk. In this webinar, Shaun Bradshaw will discuss ways in which participants can learn to better communicate with developers and stakeholders to build and maintain trust. Leave this webinar with useful tactics for reporting risk effectively as well as a new approach to addressing any surfacing issues to ensure all parties will profit.



  • What to do when you find a bug (newsflash: it’s not only about reporting the issue)
  • How to build trust when communicating with developers
  • How to demonstrate risks to project stakeholders

Limited seating available, so register to attend this webinar on May 25, 2017 at 1:00 pm EST. Find out more details here, and stay tuned for our next webinar in the Zenergy series.