DevOps Transformation Services & Consulting

Our DevOps transformation services help you deliver your software products with the speed, quality and reliability you need to be competitive. We embrace a holistic approach through cultural transformation and enterprise-wide adoption.

Advance your continuous integration and delivery capabilities through increased process efficiencies and automation.

Adapt Testing to DevOps

Zenergy’s experts are fully equipped with the right skills and tools to help you fine-tune and adjust your testing methodology to improve your DevOps approach.

Train QA Personnel

Enhance your team’s knowledge on DevOps with Zenergy’s experts. Have your QA personnel trained on continuous integration and continuous delivery, DevOps approach, and methodology for more effective and efficient results.

Improved Cross-team Collaboration

Strengthen cross-team collaboration with DevOps, allowing for closer interaction between software developers and information technology professionals. Engage your teams in a new DevOps transformation approach for improvements in team performance and producing results more quickly.



High-Value Automation

Zenergy has multiple automation experts who can help you develop the right automation strategy to support the ever changing DevOps environment. Improve your automation with DevOps utilizing continuous integration and continuous delivery for better quality and a faster application delivery process.

DevOps Transformation Maturity Assessment

Whether you are still in the experimental stages or have been practicing DevOps for some time but struggle in a specific area and seek improvement, Zenergy can provide practical advice and guidance to help you and your team advance. Gauging and determining your team’s maturity for adoption is an important first step to understanding ready-to-adopt states for culture, process and technology. We can assist with determining where you are today, where you want to head, and help you create a strategic plan to get there.

Test Automation Implementation

With the growing complexity of software applications, DevOps practices are essential to delivering quality software as quickly as possible. Automating the critical parts of your software application is a must to ensure continuous quality and speed to market. We work with your team to determine CI/CD centric test automation at all layers of the technology stack (unit, service, data access layer, UI). Zenergy’s experts are versed in a wide range of tools that can be molded to fit the needs any company.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Consulting

The success of your DevOps transformation efforts hinge on understanding the source of problems and working toward addressing problematic areas. Our DevOps services provide useful techniques that address the root issues by building effective CI/CD processes from code check-in through deployment by leveraging industry best practices and techniques.

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Infrastructure Automation

Adopting specific DevOps disciplines and implementing tools helps companies accelerate software delivery. Treating infrastructure as code through scripting environments is a key area within DevOps. We partner with leading cloud-based service providers to establish reliable environments in dev, QA/test, production, and more.

More about DevOps

No matter where you are in your agile journey we have a solution to help you reach your goals. Click for Zenergy’s Agile Maturity Continuum to learn which solutions will benefit your organization.

Software is driving more business revenue than ever while becoming increasingly complex. Hire Zenergy to help you create the right DevOps strategy to navigate this complexity and exceed customer demands.

Zenergy’s architects design, implement, and fine-tune advanced automation strategies and frameworks for DevOps, CI/CD, and quality initiatives to ensure all scales and performs the way you want. Let Zenergy help you up your speed-to-market.

Quality gets talked about often, but do you really know how to take it to the next level? Zenergy’s roots are in the quality space so we know how to make big improvements while integrating the process with agile and dev-ops. Let us show you how.

Continuous Integration and Deployment is no longer a nice-to-have or get-to-it-later if you want modern software delivery methods and feedback loops to help you deploy faster with high quality. Zenergy can help you “shift left” to save time and cost.