David Dang: Unit Testing: Why and How QA Can  Get Involved


Traditionally,QA teams have not been highly involved in unit testing, as it has been viewed as part of development. However, unit testing is becoming more critical to allow for speed and quality as companies shift left and flip the quality triangle. Join David Dang to find out how you can unite QA and development in the unit testing process to improve cross team collaboration, locate defects earlier, and release top quality products faster.


Josh Anderson: Creating the Self Directed Teams of Your Dreams


There’s a plethora of advice out there on how to handle your teams, but what about the best way to go about building them? Hear from the agile transformation expert who managed to build out five teams from scratch while simultaneously shipping five products in under a year. Join Josh for a deeper dive into how you, as leaders, should go about building or transforming your current teams into self-directed agile teams.


Anne Hungate: DevOps by the Numbers


Are you aware of the risk factors of your DevOps investments? It’s common for companies to lose funding when jumping into decisions too quickly or when they don’t take the adequate time to prioritize their investments to address the areas that serve to be most constraining in their business process. Join Anne as she dives into five questions you need to know to ensure your DevOps matters and walk away with 7 action items you can put to use to improve your DevOps efforts.


Bob Galen: The Agile Test Pyramid Revisited


Many organizations who have implemented the agile test automation (ATA) pyramid into their agile approach have seen its benefits payoff. But there is a large majority who are unaware of this strategy and/or think they have adopted this methodology but simply are not doing it right. Join Bob Galen at Zenposium2019 for insight into the most critical aspects of the ATA Pyramid, real-life scenarios of its payoffs and a game plan that will help you better incorporate a test automation strategy into your agile and DevOps context.


David Dang: Using Analytics to Optimize your Mobile Testing


As mobile landscapes continue to change, with more and more new mobile devices and features continuously being rolled out, providing full testing coverage for mobile websites and applications can become extremely costly and time consuming. In his session, mobile expert David Dang, will demonstrate how to best utilize mobile analytics to approach your mobile strategy more efficiently for more effective results. Attendees will walk away with a solidified mobile testing strategy that will help to ensure your software doesn’t skip over or miss any of the critical functionalities or features that could lead to negative impacts of the users experience.

Jason Schreuder-4

Jason Schreuder: Now You're Asking for it! A Culture of Continuous Feedback


Sometimes being an agile leader means we have to do things we aren’t necessarily fond of, like giving personal feedback. While many carry a negative connotation of the word “feedback” it is necessary for enabling a culture where testers can instill safety measures and build trusting relationships with leaders. Join Jason for expert guidance on how to lead and create a culture that accepts feedback comfortably and freely.


Shaun Bradshaw: Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Teams


Is your team facing barriers in their agile journey and/or struggling to deliver top quality releases up to par? While many agile teams easily adapt to the tactical aspects of agile methodologies, it’s the everyday action items that tend to cause them to regress in their agile efforts. Join Shaun Bradshaw to explore the thinking models of mature agile teams and learn to apply them to your own. Furthermore, you’ll explore various success patterns for relentless refactoring, quality on all fronts, pervasive product owners, and more.


Ken Pugh: Deliver Value with Business Value Driven Development


Are you looking for increased customer satisfaction by effectively delivering business value with lean principles? Join Ken to find out how you can alter your current business delivery efforts to deliver the most value, more efficiently, for increased revenues and decreases costs. This session includes estimating business value, tracking its progress, and measure that it’s been delivered.


Chris Lawson: DevOps Much?



With the growing complexity of software applications, DevOps practices are essential to delivering quality software as quickly as possible. Join Chris Lawson to explore what DevOps is and is not and how-to best approach it according to today’s industry standards.



Ken Pugh: Accelerate DevOps with BDD



How do you accelerate business delivery with DevOps? By expediting the testing process and reducing defects for less loopbacks and delays. Join Ken to better grasp the concept of how behavior driven development can help you accelerate your DevOps delivery.



Chris Lawson: Anatomy of an Open Source Test Framework



There’s much controversy surrounding “testing frameworks,” as many of the materials available on the web share contradictory approaches. Join Chris to find out the critical aspects you should key in on when creating an efficient open source testing framework.



Shaun Bradshaw: 4 Quadrants
of Agile Metrics: A Balanced Approach

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What do most organizations that have successfully implemented shift-left testing, within agile, have in common with each other? Their implementations involved all levels of the organization. Join Shaun Bradshaw at QAI Quest 2019 for a full day class in which he will address the most critical patterns for a successful transformation to occur as well as the roles leadership should adopt, to guide the transformation journey at all levels of the organization.



Bob Galen: Kanban -
A Lively Introduction



Kanban has increasingly become a popular alternative to Scrum over the past few years, as many favor it because they feel it’s easier to implement and believe that it holds a stronger connection to the Lean community. Hop on the Kanban wagon and join Bob Galen for an introduction into Kanban methodology. Furthermore, Bob will demonstrate how to put this methodology to practice with a hands-on activity (Kanban pizza game) so you can walk away with the knowledge you need to reap its benefits in your future agile endeavors.


Jason Schreuder-4

Jason Schreuder: Pervasive Agile Leadership: Bringing Managers Back to Work

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The most successful organizations who are doing agile start at the leadership level. When leadership is aligned with the rest of the culture of the organization it sets a defined path the company should follow to reach their wanted goal. Agile expert, Jason Schreuder, has helped many companies who have begun to implement agile practices within teams who are often pushed back or not able to achieve the right agile mindset because leadership does not have the same insight. Join Jason for guidance on how leadership can approach agility in their organization as well as the critical traits leadership should possess to lead a successful and effective agile organization.


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