Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery Services

Continuous integration continuous delivery… It’s no longer a nice-to-have or get-to-it-later if you want modern software delivery methods and feedback loops to help you deploy faster with high quality.

Not only can Zenergy help you implement CI/CD, but we can get you to the next level with automation and processes that save time and cost while releasing software faster. Advance your CI/CD capabilities now to get ahead.

CICD Pipeline

Static Analysis

Integrate a static code analysis strategy to run with your automated testing to expedite the process of uncovering defects and infrastructure issues earlier in the CI/CD pipeline. Our approach will perform automated checks against the overall quality of your code so your developers have more time to focus on what they do best, developing.



Code Coverage

Although code coverage does not guarantee quality, it’s paramount for ensuring your unit testing strategy is reliable. Our experts will help you identify which tool(s) and coverage strategy best fit your needs for live status updates and more visibility into the overall validity of the code being introduced by developers.

Notification & Reporting Alignment

Align your teams with a tailored reporting strategy and dashboard for real-time insight and visibility, across all channels, so they can minimize build failures and deployment issues more efficiently and achieve better software faster.

Unit Testing Strategy

Incorporating a solidified unit testing strategy into your CI/CD pipeline helps guarantee that all the units of code introduced into your build system are valid and reliable. Save time and minimize the cost by detecting undesirable code changes earlier.

Continuous Deployment Strategy

Zenergy’s automated deployment strategies help save time by eliminating repetitive tasks and provide your teams with an increased awareness on all release issues to ensure they can be fixed without interfering with the application’s current state.

Automated Deployment Tests

Ensure the critical functionalities of your software are working correctly before deployment with the confidence that any future code adjustments won’t interfere with production. The right CI/CD pipeline will uncover failures before they are deployed.

Shift Left Keyboard

Continuous Integration Unit Testing Strategy

Shifting left is the new right. As companies shift left and flip the quality triangle, unit testing is a must-have for speed and quality. Traditionally, QA teams have not been highly involved in unit testing, as it has been viewed as part of development. But Zenergy’s experts can help you bridge that gap and get QA involved to take unit testing into the modern software delivery era by encouraging collaboration between QA and Dev to accelerate unit testing.

Talk to us to learn how you can improve your QA and unit testing techniques to test smarter, not harder.

Continuous Integration and Deployment Consulting

The success of your DevOps transformation efforts hinges on understanding the source of problems and working toward addressing problematic areas. Our DevOps services provide useful techniques that address the root issues by building effective CI/CD processes from code check-in through deployment while leveraging industry best practices and techniques.

Emerging CI/CD Experts

Are you struggling to find top-qualified candidates to fill in vacancies on your test teams to maintain your emerging or existing CI/CD strategy? We did too until we solved it with our Emerging Experts Program. Our enhanced hiring process provides experienced, trained software candidates that best match the technical and cultural fit of our clients.

What’s in it for you?

Continuous Integration Tools

Whether you’re looking for commercial or open source, today’s market holds a variety of tools to support your CI/CD pipeline. Choosing the right tools can be tricky, but when done correctly you’ll reap the benefits. Our experts can help you identify the tool that is most suitable for your needs and implement it into your CI/CD strategy for increased visibility into projects.

Contact us to learn more about how Zenergy’s continuous integration and continuous deployment services can help you.

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Ask the CI/CD Expert

Have a question about taking the next steps toward your CI/CD approach? We can help you reach all levels of continuous integration, deployment, and delivery.

Fill out the Ask the Expert form to schedule a free twenty-minute call with one of Zenergy’s experts. No salespeople, no hidden agenda…just you and the expert of your choosing. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a QA and testing industry expert, here’s your opportunity.

To ensure we pair you with the correct expert, please select the specialty area(s) you’d like to cover in your twenty-minute session. We will contact you with several time slots for you to select the optimal one.

CI/CD Branching/Merging Strategy

Code synchronization across multiple teams and developers is the ultimate goal when crafting a top-quality branching and merging strategy.

Align your teams and developers in an organized, collaborative work environment so they can simultaneously work to avoid hazardous merge conflicts.

No matter where you are in your agile journey we have a solution to help you reach your goals. Click for Zenergy’s Agile Maturity Continuum to learn which solutions will benefit your organization.

Software is driving more business revenue than ever while becoming increasingly complex. Hire Zenergy to help you create the right DevOps strategy to navigate this complexity and exceed customer demands.

Zenergy’s architects design, implement, and fine-tune advanced automation strategies and frameworks for DevOps, CI/CD, and quality initiatives to ensure all scales and performs the way you want. Let Zenergy help you up your speed-to-market.

Quality gets talked about often, but do you really know how to take it to the next level? Zenergy’s roots are in the quality space so we know how to make big improvements while integrating the process with agile and dev-ops. Let us show you how.

Continuous Integration and Deployment is no longer a nice-to-have or get-to-it-later if you want modern software delivery methods and feedback loops to help you deploy faster with high quality. Zenergy can help you “shift left” to save time and cost.