Need a team to test your website or mobile apps for a week or two? Or do you need a long term solution, a test team dedicated to ensuring your applications perform as expected for your prospects and customers?

Zenergy provides test teams to companies of all sizes. We work with your organization to tailor a solution that fits your needs. Our high-value, cost effective test teams are made up of highly trained QA and testing professionals who can add value quickly to any development effort.

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Strategy is more than a test plan. In the fast paced, market-driven software industry, having enough time and resources to test everything is a luxury most companies do not have. We excel at creating effective test strategies that make the most of the time and resources available.

If you engage us to assist with your testing, we’ll partner with you to build a risk-based approach that ensures the critical, revenue-driving functionality of your software gets high-priority. We’ll also use proven test sampling techniques that have the highest chance of discovering hidden defects.

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Want better test coverage? Curious how to implement a risk-based testing approach? Let us help you take your current testing methodology to the next level. Zenergy can optimize your methodology by making practical recommendations that won’t slow you down.

We know that you don’t have time to stop development to make process changes. This is the real world and you need recommendations that add immediate value and can be implemented quickly. Zenergy always considers the effect of time-to-market when making recommendations. We value the practical and proven over complex and theoretical.

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Need a test specialist or automation engineer onsite? We can provide one. Or two. Or twenty. Zenergy performs specialty QA and test automation staffing in any location of the U.S. Our vast network of industry professionals and the in-house experts who vet them, allows Zenergy to bring in the right QA and test resources for whatever your situation.

Zenergy is a prime vendor for numerous companies large, medium and small. We have the experience working with vendor management systems and we meet all requirements corporations expect from their solution providers. An added benefit is we provide complimentary consulting hours from our industry experts—strategy, process improvement, advanced concepts—for varied levels of contracting spend.

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Need to take your test team up a level to make them more effective? Zenergy’s Test Methodology Training will improve their testing skills while exposing them to common QA and testing practices used by many of the best QA departments in the industry. We can bring the class to you, or you can send participants to one of our sessions given in Greensboro, NC.

Have a test process question? Want to know how to use the S-curve to better manage your testing effort? We want to help.

Zenergy has built its reputation and business by paying it forward. Fill out the Ask the Expert form to schedule a complimentary, twenty-minute call with one of Zenergy’s experts. No salespeople, no hidden agenda…just you and the expert of your choosing. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a QA and testing industry expert, here’s your opportunity.

To ensure we pair you with the correct expert, please select the specialty area(s) you’d like to cover in your twenty-minute session. We will contact you with several time slots for you to select the optimal one.

Schedule a no pressure discussion with us to learn how we can help you get your test effort accomplished.

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