If your development shop has made it just fine without a QA team, that’s great. Often, when teams are relatively small, that approach works well.

But when your dev team begins to grow, and lines of communication exponentially multiply, the need for a dedicated QA group becomes apparent. We can help you establish one.

Zenergy can help you create a group that uses common practices of high-performing QA teams. We can even help you find the right permanent testers that will work well within that system.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you establish a high-performing QA and testing group.

Already have a QA and testing group but think it can improve? We can help you make those improvements.

Our QA and test experts that will help you improve your team are the same ones that train the QA and testing industry through multiple classes and presentations at the largest QA and testing conferences in the U.S. When you engage us to help improve your team, know that we will only make practical recommendations that won’t slow you down.

Talk to us to learn how our experts can improve your QA and testing team.

Why waste money tracking metrics that don’t help you improve? Time is money and most organizations rarely have enough of either. Zenergy excels at QA metrics optimization and can help you:

  • Determine organizational goals that drive QA metrics alignment
  • Identify metrics that are meaningful, but don’t become a burden to track
  • Provide standards for defining, tracking, and using metrics
  • Establish process to collect and validate measurements to derive metrics
  • Interpret metrics and implement actionable improvements
  • Ensure realistic understanding of QA metrics and their ideal uses

Want to bounce your metrics ideas off our industry expert? Looking for a sanity check on your strategy for an upcoming test effort? We are happy to give advice.

Zenergy has built its reputation and business by paying it forward. Fill out the Ask the Expert form to schedule a complimentary, twenty-minute call with one of Zenergy’s experts. No salespeople, no hidden agenda…just you and the expert of your choosing. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a QA and testing industry expert, here’s your opportunity.

To ensure we pair you with the correct expert, please select the specialty area(s) you’d like to cover in your twenty-minute session. We will contact you with several time slots for you to select the optimal one.

QA and test process improvement doesn’t have to be painful. Zenergy believes in implementing practical solutions in an incremental manner. Schedule a no-pressure discussion with us to learn more.

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