Mobile App Testing Services

Zenergy supports a full range of mobile app testing services from manual to automation. Our staff are experts in multiple mobile automation tools and can help you select the right one as well as provide the testers that can ensure your apps are ready for release. Zenergy also provides mobile testing strategy and guidance to companies of all sizes to make sure you are up-to-date on industry trends and standards.


Mobile Strategy Jumpstart

The plethora of devices and OS/Android platforms continuously being released into today’s market has greatly increased the need for mobile app testing. Our experts will analyze your current market trends in order to see what mobile initiatives need your focus. Ensure your mobile strategy has the bandwidth to run smoothly across all platforms and devices.


On Demand

On Demand Mobile Teams

Enhance your mobile efforts by engaging a mobile test team. Zenergy’s consultants and architects will assess your current needs and select top-talented candidates to build out a mobile test team for both short and long-term engagements.

Trained Mobile Teams

Trained Mobile Teams

Time is of the essence, especially in testing. Align your teams so they can reach deadlines on time with better quality results. Zenergy’s in-house experts can help locate and fill your team’s gap areas and establish a roadmap for improved testing approaches.


Optimized Automation Strategy

Refine and/or optimize your mobile approach with an automation strategy. Zenergy’s consultants will identify the right automation tool for you and build out an advanced framework so you can reap the benefits of more efficient and effective test results.

Develop Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Mobile devices are putting the internet, and your business, in the hands of their users. Make sure you have the right mobile testing strategy.

The mobile testing architects at Zenergy have helped numerous companies develop the right strategies to ensure appropriate test coverage of the many mobile devices on the market. This includes helping customers determine the right mixture of devices using proven techniques and market trends.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you navigate your mobile testing.

Getting Started with Mobile Testing

Mobile expert, David Dang, shares effective strategies on how to get started with mobile testing utilizing mobile analytics.

Engage a Mobile Testing Team

Need experienced mobile testers? Zenergy has them. We can ramp up mobile testers for short durations, or for ongoing testing efforts. Our testers have experience in multiple platforms and industries, including e-commerce.

When you engage our mobile test teams, you will also get the time and expertise of our mobile testing architects and coordinators. They will make sure the mobile testing approach is solid and they oversee all aspects of mobile testing to get the best results possible.

Talk to us to learn more about our mobile app testing services and how we can help with your effort.

Optimize Your Automation Approach

Automation for mobile is picking up steam. But what is the right automation approach for this important part of your business?

Zenergy can help you create the optimal automation approach for your needs if you don’t have one already. Or we can help refine an existing one.

Given Zenergy’s mobile automation expertise, tool vendors have us work with their clients to set the automation strategy and build advanced frameworks that work in real-world scenarios.

Trust the company the automation tool vendors trust. We can ensure your mobile automation approach is solid. Talk to us to learn more.

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Determine the Right Automation Tool

The number of mobile automation vendors is on the rise. Which tool is right for you? Or is an open-source tool like Appium a viable option?

We can help you decide. And since we do not sell automation tools, or get money from the tool vendors for referring them, we have your best interests in mind.

Let Zenergy put its mobile automaton expertise to work for you when selecting a tool. We will give you sound advice to help you make the best decision possible. Talk to us to learn more.

The end result of the assessment and training provided, far exceeded our expectations.

Blue Cross
Greg Johnson
Manager, Automation & Performance Testing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

Train Your Mobile Test Team

Want to upskill your mobile test team? Check out our one-day class on Mobile Testing Training: QA Strategy for Manual and Automated Testing. We developed this class for the Quality Assurance Institute and its QUEST conferences, as well as provided the instruction for it.

We can bring the class to you, or you can send participants to one of our upcoming sessions scheduled for Greensboro, NC. Use the contact form on the mobile testing training page to discuss how we can help take your mobile testers and mobile efforts to the next level.

The end result of the assessment and training provided, far exceeded our expectations.

Blue Cross
Greg Johnson
Manager, Automation & Performance Testing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

Ask the Mobile App Testing Services Expert

Do you wonder how to determine the best mix of devices and OS configurations to test? Want to ask optimization questions for mobile automation? We can help.

Zenergy has built its reputation and business by paying it forward. Fill out the Ask the Expert form to schedule a complimentary, twenty-minute call with one of Zenergy’s experts. No salespeople, no hidden agenda…just you and the expert of your choosing. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of a QA and testing industry expert, here’s your opportunity.

To ensure we pair you with the correct expert, please select the specialty area(s) you’d like to cover in your twenty-minute session. We will contact you with several time slots for you to select the optimal one.

Talk to us to discover how Zenergy can help you with all facets of mobile testing.

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Zenergy’s architects design, implement, and fine-tune advanced automation strategies and frameworks for DevOps, CI/CD, and quality initiatives to ensure all scales and performs the way you want. Let Zenergy help you up your speed-to-market.

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