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Tap Major Talent

Outside of the current IT pool there are many people who have the aptitude, drive and technical abilities to become experts in Agile, DevOps, software testing and test automation. Zenergy’s existing experts are skilled at tapping into this talent pool by identifying and training the best ones so they quickly become productive members of high-functioning teams.

Grow Teams Faster

If you already have some rock stars on your teams, let Zenergy help you add a few more. When you need to expand an Agile, DevOps, software QA or test automation team, Zenergy’s Emerging Experts Program is perfect to add valuable members to your already valuable team.

Remove Hiring Guesswork

Zenergy spends between 20 to 80 hours training its emerging experts depending on which IT area they fall in, so we know who will succeed. This allows us to select the best for ourselves and our clients. Let Zenergy’s Emerging Expert Program help ease your talent crunch.

Get More for Less

If you’ve recently tried to hire experienced test automation engineers or other senior people in Agile, DevOps or QA, you know companies are paying top dollar. By blending in more junior people on your team, ones who will add value to your team quickly because they’ve been trained through Zenergy’s Emerging Experts Program, you will save money.

Emerging Experts Program

A Better Hiring Process

How much do you really know about someone after only spending a few hours with him or her? Is this really a good way to hire a person? When Zenergy hires emerging test automation engineers or QA analysts from its emerging experts process, for either ourselves or a client, we’ve spent between 20 to 80 hours with that individual depending on the IT area targeted. That time invested shows us which ones will succeed and which ones will have trouble so we always select the best individuals.

Zenergy’s Emerging Experts Program is targeted for Agile, DevOps, software QA and test automation engineer personnel. The explosion of software on multiple devices has made this type of talent harder to come by. Zenergy can help you solve this challenge with its Emerging Experts Program.

Leading Experts Training Emerging Ones

Zenergy has multiple industry-recognized Agile, DevOps, software QA and test automation experts under one roof. Who better to identify and train an emerging wave of experts to fill the holes created by a huge demand for these areas?

Zenergy’s Emerging Experts Program evolved from our own difficulties finding and recruiting emerging test automation engineers. To solve this problem, we developed a process to quickly identify raw talent as well as aptitude, and then trained those individuals using our in-house experts. These emerging experts became productive so quickly at our customer sites, clients began asking Zenergy to run the same process for them. We can do it for you as well, to help fill the voids you have in your Agile, DevOps, software QA and test automation teams.

Finding qualified technical testers in a dicey pool of potential candidates was time-consuming and couldn't keep up with testing demands. Zernergy's Emerging Experts Program solved the issue by producing top-notch testers and automation personnel quickly to augment my experienced staff when I needed the bandwidth most.


Sr. Manager, Quality and Continous Improvement Transportation and Logistics Company
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Before implementation of the advanced Selenium framework, we could only test 1% of the critical regression functionality with a 60-hour manual effort. Four months into the automation project, we increased that critical coverage by 500% in an automated run that only takes six (6) minutes.

QA Manager
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