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Test Drive

Agile Coach Test Drive


Establishing an agile coaching relationship is about much more than coaching skills and experience. It’s about the style, cultural, and philosophical match between the prospective coach and organization. To help with this, we’ve established a way of getting to know potential clients that is win-win for both.

4 Quadrants of Agile Metrics

4 Quadrants of Agile Metrics

Metrics are extremely important for businesses to make monetary decisions based on their most dire needs at the time. But, which metrics are the ones you should really be focusing on? Find out which metrics are best to key in on and how to best approach doing so.

Optimized Software Delivery

Optimized Software Delivery

Modern software methods must be optimized to get the results you want. Zenergy is the leader in optimizing Agile, DevOps, Automation, and Quality processes so you can deliver better software faster.

Agile Maturity Continuum

Agile Maturity Continuum

Where is your organization on the agile maturity continuum? Are you “doing” agile instead of “being” agile? Or are you in the optimizing stage and wondering what your next move is? No matter where you are on the agile maturity continuum, Zenergy can help you progress to the next level.

Zenergy’s staff experts in Agile, DevOps, and quality are in high demand as industry consultants, practitioners, and speakers at the largest software conferences in the world.

From mobile test automation using leading tools to manual testing on mobile devices, Zenergy has the experience to ensure mobile sites and apps perform as expected.

Test automation works best when implemented with a solid strategy. Zenergy has the experience to ensure your automation scales and performs like you want.

Zenergy not only houses leading QA and testing experts, it also employs large teams of automation engineers and test specialists in its onshore facility.

From basic and advanced Selenium Automation courses to Test Methodology, Agile, and more, Zenergy can meet your training needs.