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Zenergy’s software testing facility offers customized QA and test automation staffing solutions for companies of all sizes. We can place consultants on your site or you can outsource your testing to our managed QA and test automation teams at our software testing facility in North Carolina. Trust the experts at Zenergy to help with your QA and test automation needs whether you are staffing or outsourcing.

Let us know how we can help you reach your QA & testing goals. We offer customized solutions at our software testing facility for companies of all sizes.

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A Testing Partner You Can Trust

You and your projects are important to us. We do everything we can to help you succeed. Since most of our business comes from word-of-mouth we want to be that strong, value-add partner you recommend to everyone.


High-Value QA Personnel

Zenergy’s testers are true QA professionals. They work closely with the experts at our test facility in North Carolina. This immediate access to industry-leading testing experts helps all Zenergy’s resources add value quickly.

On Demand Software QA Teams

Need to ramp up a test team quickly to make sure an application is ready to launch? Zenergy has swarm teams ready to help you test on short notice.

Reduced Facility and Equipment Costs

Short on space? Want to reduce your equipment costs? Utilizing a test team from Zenergy can help you add software QA and test automation staff without increased facility and equipment costs.

Build Your Test Team

Need a test team dedicated to making sure your applications work right for your prospects and customers? Zenergy’s software testing facility can build and scale test teams for companies of all sizes. We work with you to tailor a solution that fits your needs. Our high-value, cost-effective test teams consist of expert-trained QA and testing professionals who can add value quickly to any development effort.

Talk to us to learn how we can customize a QA & testing solution for you. Or if you need an on-demand test team for a short time, see our swarm testing section below.


Visit Us

Want to visit Zenergy’s software testing facility and meet our industry experts in person? Talk to us to schedule a visit on a day when one or more of them are onsite. Tell us your specific area of interest so we can introduce you to the right expert.


Swarm Testing - On Demand

Need an on-demand testing team for short bursts? Zenergy conducts “swarm testing” for one to multiple week periods for numerous clients. Zenergy’s software testing facility can ramp up a large group of testers on short notice to effectively test your software.

Zenergy’s test architects, practice managers, and test coordinators are skilled at planning efforts that provide maximum coverage in short windows while ensuring priority is given to the critical functional areas of your software. Our test specialists have wide varieties of experience in multiple industry verticals.

We tailor each solution to meet the needs of our clients and to provide maximum value. Talk to us to learn how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Fail in Private

Turning Zenergy loose on your software in the privacy of your facility or ours significantly reduces the chances your software will fail in public. Unfortunately, these days, public software failures get magnified by social media. Let Zenergy help you ensure you have a reputation for quality software, websites, and apps.


Multiple Perspectives and Expertise

When given only a short period of time to test, having more testers on the job helps reduce the chances defects escape into the hands of your customers and users. Our swarm testing teams not only give you this additional testing power from multiple perspectives, we can also provide QA personnel at every level including experts who have advised many of the largest companies in the world on how to improve software quality.

Strong Teams

Zenergy’s testers train with our top industry experts on advanced testing methods and exploratory testing processes before doing swarm work for our clients. Our testers not only work well individually but also thrive in cohesive teams that can quickly support your own testers for short or long periods.


Quick Ramp Up

Our testers are experienced in lots of platforms and industries. Chances are great we’ve seen similar testing efforts to your needs. Not only do our test analysts ramp up quickly, we often have the bandwidth to take on projects within a week after a statement of work is signed. Contact us about your quick-hit testing needs so we can tailor a solution for your efforts.


Master Your Mobile Testing

Numerous multi-billion dollar corporations have enlisted Zenergy’s help to establish mobile testing strategies. The explosion of mobile devices in the hands of consumers makes it a market companies can’t ignore. They also can’t afford to ignore mobile testing.

Zenergy has significant mobile testing experience, and its mobile testing architects and practice managers are skilled in the latest techniques and tools that make mobile testing more efficient.

If you have questions about testing your mobile applications and websites, or setting up mobile automation, talk to us to learn how Zenergy can help.

Outsource Your QA & Test Automation

Zenergy makes top-notch development teams even better. If you need a high-value test team to work alongside your development team but you don’t want to build it, we make it easy. Enlist Zenergy as your QA and testing partner to make sure your software performed at the highest level possible.

We can tailor outsourced testing solutions that are long-term and ongoing, or give you a test team for short periods. Zenergy’s test architects and practice managers oversee each outsourced testing solution. Each day, facility test coordinators, test leads, and test specialists work side-by-side with the Zenergy  industry experts. This interaction and cross-pollination of testing concepts and techniques make sure all Zenergy personnel operate at levels well beyond those of their outside peers with the same amount of experience.


The confidence in our automation suite has skyrocketed so not only do we detect significant issues when rolling out new countries, our infrastructure teams have started requesting automation runs to shake out issues in new environments they set up.

QA Manager, SAP
QA Manager, SAPGlobal Manufacturing Company

Accelerate Automation

Scalable, low-maintenance test automation is tricky to pull off. There are usually two ways organizations become great at test automation: years of trial and error or they avoid frustration by getting help from experts like Zenergy.

Zenergy has years of experience building effective test automaton frameworks that scale to meet your needs while remaining easy to maintain. Our experts have helped hundreds of companies do test automation better.

Whether you plan to use enterprise automation tools like HP’s UFT or open source tools such as Selenium, Zenergy can fast-track your automation efforts. We can even help rescue a failed attempt at test automation. Talk with one of our automation architects today to learn how we can make your automation effort better.

The end result of the assessment and training provided, far exceeded our expectations.

Blue Cross
Greg Johnson
Manager, Automation & Performance Testing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

No matter where you are in your agile journey we have a solution to help you reach your goals. Click for Zenergy’s Agile Maturity Continuum to learn which solutions will benefit your organization.

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