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We have put appropriate precautions in place to guarantee our website protects your privacy. We guarantee your data will not be used for any purpose you have not provided consent to, nor utilized by third party services for any other reasons than to aid us in the purposes of the bound contract we are under agreement with.



Use of Cookies

Cookies are sent to our visitor’s web browser as they make use of our website. Depending on how you interact with our website the following cookies may be placed on your browser. This is to aid our company in analyzing and improving our website traffic, marketing efforts, visitor preferences and user experience. Our website requests use of anonymized data (stored as cookies) for the purpose of helping us to better understand and improve how our website visitors make use of our website, such as:

  • Analytics: we create browser cookies and store data about visitors and their experience on our website. This data allows us to appropriately fix bugs and make improvements to our user’s experience.
  • Marketing: we store information to aid us in creation of marketing campaigns for certain groups of visitors.




For the purposes of this policy, our cookies are organized in the following categories as followed:

  • User Experience (U): These cookies are used to ensure our visitor’s encounter a positive user experience as they browse our website
  • Performance/Targeting based Analytics (A): These cookies are used to ensure we understand how our visitors navigate and utilize our website, as well as aid us in measuring and making improvements to our marketing efforts (including targeted advertisements), make improvements to our website/user experience improvements, and/or analyzing traffic and traffic sources to our website
  • Tracking based Analytics (T): These cookies are used to identify specific people who have interacted with our website. These are visitors who have provided their information to us directly by: completing a webform, subscribing to our newsletter, or accessing our downloadable content


Zenergy believes in being transparent with our website visitors about our usage of cookies. We utilize various cookies for the following purposes as you make use of our website:


Cookie: devicePixelRatio | Category: U | Expiration: 1 week

Description: Ensures our website is responsive to the user’s screen size. This cookie is not optional, as it is a necessity to ensure our website works properly on your device.


Cookie: cookie_notice_accepted | Category: U | Expiration: 1 month

Description: Records visitor’s acceptance of our website’s cookie usage. This cookie is not optional, as it is a necessity to ensure our website works properly on your device.


Cookie: Pum-48227 (Zenergy) | Category: U | Expiration: 1 month

Description: This cookie is specific to the actions our visitors have taken after the marketing pop-up Ad is closed out. A cookie will be placed on the visitor’s browser when closing out the pop-up so that they do not receive the pop-up again. This cookie is not optional, as it is a necessity to ensure our website works properly on your device.


Cookie: 1P_JAR (Google) | Category: A | Expiration: 1 month

Description: Utilized to compile anonymized website analytics and track conversion rates of set goals met on by our website users. This is an optional cookie that may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: _ga (Google Analytics) | Category: A | Expiration: 1 day

Description: Used to create analytics reports; measures the overall site usage and performance of our website by accounting for the number of visitors, sessions, and campaign/traffic data on our site. This is an optional cookie, installed by Google Analytics and only provides us with anonymized data and may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: _gid (Google Analytics) | Category: A | Expiration: 1 day

Description: Stores anonymized data on how our website visitors interact with our website to aid us in creation of our analytics reports. The data collected includes the number of website visitors, source of traffic origin, and the pages viewed. This is an optional cookie that may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: _gat (Google Universal Analytics) | Category: A | Expiration: 1 minute

Description: Installed by Google Universal Analytics in efforts to throttle the request rate of high traffic sites by limiting the collection of data. This is an optional cookie that may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_medium (Google Analytics) | Category: A | Expiration: 2 years

Description: UTM parameters are created by our marketing team and attached to the URLs we post on our social media outlets and newsletter campaigns. These UTM parameters provide anonymized data attached to our URLs report in Google Analytics. This help us to distinguish where our web visitor traffic originated from. These are optional cookies that may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmz (Google Analytics) | Category: A | Expiration: _utma (2 years), _utmb (30 mins.), _utmc (end of session), _utmt (10 mins.), _utmz (6 months)

Description: Cookies are used as followed: (_utma) tracks first, last, and current visits and the total # of visits; (_utmb) tracks pages viewed on website; (_utmc) tracks session status; (_utmt) limits collection of data in high traffic sites; (_utmz) tracks entry point of visitor and term visitor used to land on website. These are optional cookies that may be disabled by managing your cookie browser tracking preferences. Google opt-out


Cookie: IDE (Google – Placed by | Category: A | Expiration: 2 years

Description: Advertising targeting cookie that provides insight into and end user’s behavior of website utilization and advertising that brought them to the website. Google Opt-out


Cookie: U (, li_sugr ( | Category: A | Expiration: 3 months

Description: Identifies the type of browsers used by those who click on a Zenergy LinkedIn Campaign advertisement. These cookies are generated by LinkedIn’s Insight Tag, which is applied when the visitor’s IP address is not in a designated country. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: bcookie ( | Category: A | Expiration: 2 years

Description: Identification cookie for tracking the browser used by our visitors who came to our website from a LinkedIn Campaign Advertisement and allows LinkedIn to track user behaviors for aggregating analytics. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: UserMatchHistory ( | Category: A | Expiration: 30 days

Description: LinkedIn Ads ID syncing cookie, generated by LinkedIn Feed and LinkedIn Insight Ads Tag for user analytics. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: lidc ( | Category: A | Expiration: 1 day

Description: Utilized for routing and tracking visitor’s user behaviors for aggregating advertisement analytics. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: lang (, lang ( | Category: A | Expiration: Session

Description: Identifies the selected locale/language of a user’s website. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: aam_uiid ( & – Placed by Adobe Audience manager) | Category: A | Expiration: 30 days

Description: Assigns a unique ID for identifying individual users when they visit the website. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: AMCVS_@AdobeOrg ( – Placed by Adobe Marketing Cloud) | Category: A | Expiration: Session

Description: Creates and stores a unique identifier for each website visitor and captures user behaviors for aggregating analytics. LinkedIn opt-out


Cookie: _lfa (Leadfeeder) | Category: T | Expiration: 1 year

Description: Aids Zenergy sales and marketing efforts by identifying real companies who hit our website on a regular basis through reverse IP lookup. This cookie does not provide us with names or IP addresses, only domain names. Leadfeeder only provides us with the company name, pages the company hit on our website and the date/time in which they did so. If you wish to hide your company name from any further tracking contact us directly.


Cookie: _cfduid (PipeDrive – Placed by CloudFlare) | Category: T | Expiration: 1 year

Description: Identifies individual user’s in connection with Pipedrive’s Leadbooster chatbot when a visitor utilizes the website’s chat feature to schedule a meeting with Zenergy’s sales team. This cookie may not be disabled by the user; however, it will only apply to those who interact with our chatbot by submitting a request to schedule a meeting. If you have submitted a request through our chat and wish to have access to the information you provided please contact us directly.



Managing Cookie Preferences


Managing Cookie Preferences: Update your Browser’s Cookie Settings

While our website may contain external links pertaining to our industry, Zenergy is not to be held responsible for the practices of how they utilize their cookies and/or privacy practices. Cookies are stored within a file on your web browser in which you may directly manage and/or disable to your liking. Learn how to control your browser cookie settings hereIf you would like more information on how we collect and utilize the data you provide please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have any further questions about how we store cookies or our policy please reach out to us directly at

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