David Dang to Present at TSQA 2020



David Dang

It's paramount for companies to keep up with new innovations and software trends. That's what TSQA is all about! This year's TSQA Conference theme is the SPACE of Testing, as the space of software testing continues to expand. Have you ever received a notice from your bank when there is a larger than normal transaction on your credit or debit card? You were most likely notified because of a pattern a machine identified as “not normal” behavior under your account. This is exactly how AI and machine learning are beginning to make daily impacts in your life.

Software has made the world ‘smarter’ and as we grow in this era of technology, software is becoming so smart, it’s learning to teach itself through machine learning and AI. For this reason, companies are reaping the potential benefits and participating more and more in these practices as AI is expected to bring in over $10 Trillion to the economy by 2030. But what is AI and machine learning and what can it do for your industry?

Join David Dang, VP of Automated Solutions, on February 27 for his session on Leveraging Machine Learning & AI for Quality Assurance to learn how to apply the concept of smarter software to quality assurance. In this session you will explore three areas as to how AI and machine learning can be utilized to improve software quality and users’ experience by:

  • Utilizing machine learning to identify patterns in analytics to provide enhanced user experiences based on their personal interactions with software;
  • Utilizing machine learning to identify patterns based on the completed actions to fix past automation failures;
  • Optimizing test automation with AI to run the automation your users want and avoid running automation on the features no one is using.

Zenergy is participating as a Gold Sponsor this year. Please stop by our booth during the expo to grab some Zenergy swag and enter our passport game for a chance to win a prize. This conference will take place on February 26-27 at the Durham Convention Center, located in Durham, NC. Please visit TSQA’s website for more information about this event and/or to register.