Jason Schreuder to Present at Southern Fried Agile 2017


If you’re located in the Charlotte area and interested in learning more about agile, Southern Fried Agile 2017 is the conference for you! The ways of agile are all around us and can be applied to our lives more often than you know. Join Zenergy’s new addition and Principle Agile Consultant, Jason Schreuder, for an exploration of the U.S. Army as a metaphor for an agile approach to mission planning.

  • November 30 from 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm: Jason’s session, Military Agility: How Maneuver Warfare uses Agile Principles and Practices, will examine how the Operations Process sways the notion of moving away from a centralized authority of Mission Command, ultimately permitting orders to flow more readily in small, cross-functional agile teams. Furthermore, you will dive into various methods and models that will help polish your decision-making and sense making skills as well as provide you with new ideas originated from the military, proven to increase team performance.

The conference will take place on November 30, 2017 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. To learn more or to register, visit the event’s website here.