Free Webinar: Should you Combine Functional and Performance Testing?

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Want to complete your performance testing, test automation, and manual testing efforts in a shorter testing cycle? The traditional process splits up each distinct type of testing to occur individually with unique sets of goals and usually occurs with minimal cross-team collaboration. Because these varied types of testing have their own methods and techniques, the process can be timely and conceal problem areas until the end.

Shorten your testing cycle and reveal defects sooner by combining each testing process for more effective, optimal results with Zenergy's webinar, Should you Combine Functional and Performance Testing? Zenergy automation expert, Chris Lawson, will explore three techniques to achieve optimal combined test results:

  1. Conceptual framework design patterns
  2. Common modeling techniques for systems (functional and load)
  3. Methodology for combining both aspects including tool usage


  • Specific framework design patterns that lend themselves to efficient combination testing
  • Effective techniques designed to deliver optimal results
  • Using appropriate tools such as JMeter and WebDriver to facilitate testing
  • Benefits of combining varied types of testing

Limited seating available, so register early to attend this webinar on February 16, 2017 at 1:00pm EST. Find out more details here, and stay tuned for our next webinar in the Zenergy series.