Open Source Test Automation: Riding the Second Wave

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The second wave of open source test automation tools led by Selenium-based frameworks are continuously outperforming older, commercial tools and open source tools like Fitnesse and Watir. What’s the cause of this major shift responsible for changing how numerous companies are diving into their software test automation? The shift toward web-based applications on desktops and mobile devices and the availability to support them with more advanced open source tools at lower costs.

This second wave provides many benefits for test automation, but it hasn’t proven to be smooth sailing for all. Switching from commercial to open tool sets like Selenium has revealed tricky challenges for some when implementing, especially in areas where commercial tools managed the process on their own. Join David Dang, VP of Automation Solutions, for a free webinar on Open Source Test Automation: Riding the Second Wave. David will explore how to develop the right open source mind-set you need to succeed in your test automation efforts as well as useful tactics to avoid disastrous wipe outs when implementing open source tools.


  • Test automation trends for open source tools
  • Key considerations to implementing open source tools
  • Strategies to sustain open source automation

Limited seating available, so register to attend this webinar on March 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm EST. Find out more details here, and stay tuned for our next webinar in the Zenergy series.