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A Tester's Guide to Collaborating with Product Owners

In Scrum, the one responsible for representing the customer and organizing the backlog so the team can bring the customers needs to life; is known as the Product Owner. Often times the Product Owner’s role is a solo act, where they individually work to represent the business’ needs to the team. In reality, one of the most important aspects of successful Scrum teams is the collaboration and unity between the Product Owner and its testers. A more collaborative model, followed by some Scrum...

Bob Galen Presents Opening Keynote at Innovate Virginia 2017

The term product owner has been tossed around for over two decades. Simply put, the role of a product owner is to carry over the next objectives needed to be built and portray those objectives to the rest of the Scrum team to carry out the clients’ needs. Although the role of a product owner often reveals itself as simple, the notion is much easier understood than achieved.

Open Source Test Automation: Riding the Second Wave

The second wave of open source test automation tools led by Selenium-based frameworks are continuously outperforming older, commercial tools and open source tools like Fitnesse and Watir. What’s the cause of this major shift responsible for changing how numerous companies are diving into their software test automation? The shift toward web-based applications on desktops and mobile devices and the availability to support them with more advanced open source tools at lower costs. This second...

Zenergy Expert Shaun Bradshaw Presents at STPCon Spring 2017

Sometimes testers fail to see the importance of their role within software development projects. Although the tester’s main goal is to identify bugs within software and report them back to developers, locating bugs ultimately carries the same weight, in the process, as the way in which they are reported. Failing to report bugs quickly enough or reporting them improperly can lead to distrust between testers and developers as well as delays in releases and increases in revenue.

Free Webinar: Should you Combine Functional and Performance Testing?

Want to complete your performance testing, test automation, and manual testing efforts in a shorter testing cycle? The traditional process splits up each distinct type of testing to occur individually with unique sets of goals and usually occurs with minimal cross-team collaboration. Because these varied types of testing have their own methods and techniques, the process can be timely and conceal problem areas until the end. Shorten your testing cycle and reveal defects sooner by combining...

Free Webinar: Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders

Do your agile teams need stronger leadership? With the majority of the agile adoption process allotted to the agile teams, team leaders are often ignored or forgotten. A weak relationship between a team and its leaders leaves little room for a successful agile adoption. Strengthen your teams’ leadership and get further insight on these challenges with Zenergy’s free webinar,Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders. Zenergy’s Agile experts, Bob Galen and Shaun Bradshaw, will explore how...

Scrum Mastery - Skills for Developing High Performance Teams

Leaders and managers play a crucial role in the overall performance and effectiveness of their teams. But achieving the qualifications and experience to practice as a Scrum Master or CSM doesn’t automatically mean you will be fit to facilitate and lead agile teams successfully. Learning how to facilitate your agile teams to be self-directed and sufficient can take much time to master, even for those with many years of experience in the field.