Shaun Bradshaw
Shaun Bradshaw

VP, Agile & Quality

About Shaun

Shaun is a co-founder and principal of Zenergy Technologies. He’s worked with his business partners, Chris Laney and David Dang, for over twenty years and has become a mainstay on the major agile, quality, and testing industry conference circuit. Shaun is an agile coach and software quality expert and helps organizations better use modern software delivery methods to create improved products.

It is the experience of life, not the things in life, that matter

Shaun has been delivering featured presentations at all the major agile and quality conferences for over fifteen  years, but has also become in demand for keynotes. He has given the closing keynote for StarWest, the largest QA & testing conference in the U.S and has delivered the opening keynote for SoftTec in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Some other presentations and workshops include:

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