David Dang
David Dang

VP, DevOps & Automation

About David

David is a founder and principal of Zenergy Technologies and has worked with his business partners, Chris Laney for over twenty-five years and Shaun Bradshaw for over twenty. David  coaches companies in DevOps and Automation to help them develop better software faster. As a former developer, DevOps and automation were natural fits for David when he first began to use them. He quickly developed improved DevOps strategies and better, more effective automation techniques to help companies become competitive in modern software development methods. David is in high demand as a DevOps strategist and automation architect at Zenergy’s clients and consistently presents at major industry conferences.

I thrive on complex software challenges

David has delivered over 80 conference presentations including a keynote for StarEast, the largest software testing conference in the U.S. Other presentations and workshops include:

David travels extensively on the conference circuits and to help Zenergy’s clients.

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