Unit Testing Workshop Details

Unit Testing Workshop

Unit Testing workshop:

Virtual or on client site by request

Instructor: David Dang

Unit Testing Workshop:

1 Day

Unit Testing Workshop

Zenergy Unit Testing workshop:

Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship

1451 South Elm Eugene St., Greensboro, NC 27406

Instructor: David Dang

Unit Testing Workshop:

1 Day

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Course Objectives

This course provides participants with the knowledge to improve the level of unit testing within their organization. Students will gain:

  • Understanding of the role of unit testing
  • Comprehension of the value of Flipping the Quality Triangle
  • Recognition of the benefits of shift left and where unit testing fits in
  • Ability to articulate the benefits of unit testing
  • Knowledge of the two types of unit testing
  • Understanding of the Three Pillars of Unit Testing
  • Familiarity with unit testing mocking approaches


Unit Testing Workshop Course Outline

1. What is unit testing?

  • Overview of unit testing
  • Value of Flipping the Quality Triangle

2. What is “shift left”?

  • Overview of shift left

3. Why is unit testing an integral part of “shift left”?

4. Benefits of unit testing

  • Finding Issues earlier
  • Reduce cost of bug fixes
  • Reduce testing overlap between development and QA
  • Covers more combinations & permutations quicker
  • Validates for testability, complexity, and reusability
  • More frequent testing
  • Provides more confidence on code changes
  • Form of documentation

5. Discuss two types of unit testing

  • Unit tests
  • Unit integration tests

6. Three pillars of unit testing

  • Positive flow
  • Negative flow
  • Boundary

7. Tools used for unit testing

  • JUnit
  • NUnit

8. Unit testing mocking approaches

  • What is mocking?
  • Types of mocking
    • Dummy
    • Stub
    • Spy
    • True Mock
    • Fake

9. Tools for mocking

  • cmocka
  • Mockito

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