Selenium Test Automation Workshops

Zenergy’s basic and advanced Selenium automation workshops:

2024 Dates:
Selenium Basic - Two days: TBA

Selenium Advanced - Three days: TBA

This will be a virtual workshop

Target Audience:

Test Engineers (Some programming/scripting knowledge preferred)


Selenium Basics: Two Days – $1,095 per attendee

Selenium Advanced: Three days – $1,495 per attendee

Selenium Basic and Advanced: Five Days – $2,295 per attendee

Services Testing Workshop

Join Zenergy for its upcoming services testing and automation workshop:

2019 Workshop Dates:

August 5-6

at The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship

1451 South Elm Eugene St., Greensboro, NC 27406

Target Audience:

QA Testers (Basic knowledge of testing; theory and practice)

Services Testing and Automation Workshop:

2 Days

Contact us to start the registration process or to ask questions. Or call us at 877.375.7041

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Course Outline - Basic

Day 1

1) Selenium IDE Fundamentals
This section introduces the student to:

a) Selenium architecture and key concepts
b) How to use Selenium IDE to create basic tests
c) Exporting Selenium IDE scripts for WebDriver

2) Test Design Patterns
This section introduces the student to:

a) Common Testing Patterns
b) Reusable Test Designs
c) Developing effective automated tests

Day 2

3) Eclipse IDE Basics
This section introduces the student to:

a) Environment set-up
b) Core Eclipse functionality
c) Key object-oriented programming concepts

4) Intro to Java
This section introduces the student to:

a) Basic Java concepts
b) Writing first Java application
c) Debugging Java code in Eclipse

Course Resources

To learn more about laptop requirements for automation classes, what to bring, and area hotels see public training and general information.

This course involves hands-on exercises. Participants must bring their own laptops and have administrative rights to install the automation software.

The standard recommended configuration is Windows 7 or higher laptop with a minimum of 4GB RAM and running an Intel i3 processor or higher.

If you have questions about your laptop configuration, please contact us. Should you need to rent a laptop for the course, Zenergy provides rentals for $100/day.

Course Outline - Advanced

Day 3

5) Intro to Selenium WebDriver
This section introduces the student to:

a) Selenium WebDriver basic concepts
b) Selenium IDE vs. Selenium WebDriver
c) Creating basic Selenium WebDriver scripts
d) Executing basic Selenium scripts

Day 4

6) Advanced Selenium WebDriver
This section introduces the student to:

a) Selenium WebDriver advanced concepts
b) HTML Structure, CSS and XPath concepts
c) Creating advanced Selenium WebDriver scripts

Day 5

7) Automation Frameworks
This section introduces the student to:

a) Automation framework concepts
b) Different framework types: Modular, Keyword, Hybrid (Page Objects), and Data Driven
c) Pros and Cons of automation frameworks
d) Implementing a simple modular automation framework

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