Zenergy Technologies provides modern software delivery solutions that optimize and align agile, DevOps, automation, and quality that helps companies release better software faster. With years of experience helping organizations build better software, Zenergy prides itself on delivering tailored, practical solutions that add real-world value while minimizing disruption of business and development processes.
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Agile Implementation
& Transformation

Agile implementations and transformations are never easy. But with Zenergy, you can be sure it’s done right. Zenergy helps companies of all sizes become and stay agile. Zenergy prides itself on being practical, so you know anything we recommend is designed to have minimal disruption on your business and development processes.



Our DevOps transformation services help you deliver your software products with the speed, quality and reliability you need to be competitive. We embrace a holistic approach through cultural transformation and enterprise-wide adoption. Advance your continuous integration and delivery capabilities through increased process efficiencies and automation.


Software Testing

Zenergy’s software testing facility offers customized QA and test automation staffing solutions for companies of all sizes. We can place consultants on your site or you can outsource your testing to our managed QA and test automation teams at our software testing facility in North Carolina. Trust the experts at Zenergy to help with your QA and test automation needs whether staffing or outsourcing.


Selenium Automation

Zenergy consultants are experts in using Selenium for automating website testing. This free (open source) automated testing suite is used for web applications across multiple browsers and is becoming one of the most popular automation testing tools. Trust the experts at Zenergy to help with all your Selenium automation consulting needs.


Emerging Experts Program

Zenergy’s Emerging Experts Program is targeted for Agile, DevOps, software QA and test automation engineer personnel. The explosion of software on multiple devices has made this type of talent harder to come by. Zenergy can help you solve this challenge with its Emerging Experts Program.


Manual Testing

Need a team to test your website or mobile apps for a week or two? Or do you need a long term solution, a test team dedicated to ensuring your applications perform as expected for your prospects and customers? Zenergy provides test teams to companies of all sizes. We work with your organization to tailor a solution that fits your needs.


Mobile Testing

The mobile testing architects at Zenergy have helped numerous companies develop the right strategies to ensure appropriate test coverage of the many mobile devices on the market. This includes helping customers determine the right mixture of devices using proven techniques and market trends.


Test Automation

Zenergy’s test automation experts are in high-demand at all the major industry conferences and speak on a wide variety of topics from end-to-end automation for enterprise systems, to making the most of open-source Selenium. The same experts can help you develop an automation strategy that will work for the life of the software you have under test.


Services Testing & Automation

Want to take your services testing to a new level? We can help. Our services testing experts can help you optimize the way you perform services testing to ensure you can do more with fewer resources. We’ll help you with services testing strategy as well as help you identify the right services automation approach.



We can help you create a customized performance testing strategy quickly to ensure your software is ready for prime-time. Our performance testing experts will review your needs, technology stack, and environment, then help you determine the best approach to put your software through the performance paces.


QA & Testing Process

When your dev team begins to grow, and lines of communication exponentially multiply, the need for a dedicated QA group becomes apparent. Zenergy can help you create a group that uses common practices of high-performing QA teams. We can even help you find the right permanent testers that will work well within that system.


Continuous Integration & Delivery

Continuous integration and continuous deployment. It’s no longer a nice-to-have or get-to-it-later for companies who want modern software delivery methods and feedback loops to help them deploy faster with higher quality. Take your teams to the next level with automated processes that save time and cost while releasing software faster.