sheriff badge that reads quality assurance (QA) on it

A Case for Quality… We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ QA

After 20 years in quality assurance, I’m still surprised to hear about companies that don’t have formal QA processes. Even more surprising are the companies that say having a QA function is not necessary. Maybe they are a newer tech company with a tiny, tight-knit development team and the software complexity hasn’t reached a level where defects reach a critical mass or perhaps the company doesn’t support a formal process even though it’s happening in some manner. For me, it is akin to saying breathing is not necessary.

Agile Adoption

In February of 2001 a small group of software development pioneers and thought leaders gathered in the mountains of Utah to create a set of four key values and twelve principles better known as the Agile Manifesto. Over the past nine years these ideals have grown throughout the software development community to spawn “agilistas” throughout the world as well as a host of conferences focused on agile concepts.