DevOps Development Pipeline Success Practices

DevOps Development Pipeline Success Practices

Zenergy’s DevOps experts David Dang and Bryson Osborne, and senior test engineer Jonathan Diaz discuss the quality gates, stages, and success practices to include in your DevOps development pipeline. “It is really critical not only to build code, in a continuous fashion, but you also want to build code with quality. Static code analysis, unit testing, code coverage, and post deployment testing are all stages that should be included in your pipeline to ensure your code has quality when building the pipeline and deploying it.” – David Dang, VP of Automation Solutions

DevOps Wheel of elements

Five Common DevOps Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Zenergy’s experts have been helping companies optimize modern software delivery methods well before DevOps became a buzzword. Every time we help a client improve their modern software delivery capabilities, we refine our playbook. What works well for one client, may not be the best solution for another. Every solution needs to fit the culture, the teams’ work style, and the software release goals of the organization.

CICD Pipeline Stages

CICD Pipeline Stages: Building a Mature DevOps Pipeline

Zenergy’s DevOps experts David Dang and Bryson Osborne, and senior test engineer Jonathan Diaz discuss the central stages of a mature DevOps CI/CD pipeline. “Many companies have built out a DevOps CICD pipeline. But, is it a mature pipeline? When creating your pipeline, there are several stages you will want to include to ensure it is mature. The goal is to automate as much as possible, running from a trigger base all the way to the last stage of your pipeline.” – David Dang, VP of Automation Solutions

TSQA 2020 Conference

David Dang to Present at TSQA 2020

It’s paramount for companies to keep up with new innovations and software trends. That’s what TSQA is all about! This year’s TSQA Conference theme is on the SPACE of Testing, as the space of software testing continues to expand. Have you ever received a notice from your bank when there is a larger than normal transaction on your credit or debit card? You were most likely notified because of a pattern a machine identified as “not normal” behavior under your account. This is exactly how AI and machine learning are beginning to make daily impacts in your life.

David Dang and Shaun Bradshaw

Zenergy’s 2019 Spring Speaking Engagements

Zenergy’s test experts, Shaun Bradshaw and David Dang, have quite a busy schedule on the conference circuit this spring! If you missed out on any of the major QA and testing conferences in the last few years, check out Zenposium2019; a conference held by Zenergy in the triad area, offering a second chance to see presentations from some of the most established and sought out quality, agile, and automation speakers across the US and around the world.