Agile Adoption

In February of 2001 a small group of software development pioneers and thought leaders gathered in the mountains of Utah to create a set of four key values and twelve principles better known as the Agile Manifesto. Over the past nine years these ideals have grown throughout the software development community to spawn “agilistas” throughout the world as well as a host of conferences focused on agile concepts.

Automation Tool Considerations

Last week we spoke to a company attempting to integrate test automation into their Agile development process. Confusion abounded when it came to the plethora of tool choices. To add to their uncertainty, they were unsure which team within their group would have responsibility for the selected tool’s implementation and usage. This organization knows they…

The Real Reason We Test

During QAI’s Quest conference last week we participated in a workshop aimed to help managers improve their test planning process. The workshop noted that there are several important areas to test planning including: identifying test objectives and scope, assessing and accounting for risks and contingencies, determining component/application priorities, and estimating the size/length of the test effort.